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Kum Lun Tai(KLT) Malaysian Mooncakes Net Weight ~ 185g/pc

All Mooncakes are low sugar. 

Available Flavours, while stocks last

- White Lotus - No Yolk 低糖白蓮蓉月 

- White Lotus - 1 Yolk 低糖蛋黃白蓮蓉

- White Lotus - 2 Yolk 低糖雙黃白蓮蓉

- Durian - No Yolk 低糖榴槤

- Durian - 1 Yolk 低糖蛋黃榴槤

- Durian - 2 Yolk 低糖雙黃榴槤

- Muksan King Durian - No Yolk 低糖貓山王榴槤月餅

- Muksan King Durian - 1 Yolk 低糖蛋黃貓山王榴槤月餅

- Muksan King Durian 低糖雙黃貓山王榴槤月餅

- Pearly Jade - No Yolk 低糖素翡翠明珠

- Golden Jade - 1 Yolk 低糖蛋黃翡翠

- Golden Jade - 2 Yolk 低糖雙黃翡翠

- Taro - 2 Yolk 低糖雙黃芋蓉月

- Combo Pack - 2 Yolk 開心四寶

Combo pack 2 Yolk contents - Low Sugar Lotus, Golden jade (Pandan), Durian, Taro

- Combo Pack - No Yolk 素開心四寶
Combo pack contents - Low Sugar Lotus, Golden jade (Pandan), Redbean, Green Tea & Black Sesame 

KLT Mooncake Box - Rabbit 錦綸泰馬來西亞月餅

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    Alternately, free pickup is available at our store in Cabramatta.

  • In the event that you're not satisfied with your purchase due product damage, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your goods with photo details at our ‘Contact Us’ page or our email at, we will gladly resolve the issue with you. We require a receipt or proof of purchase.

    ​We do not give refunds or exchanges, if you simply change your mind, make a wrong selection or the product has been consumed.

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